Our Story

Independent & Fast Growing

At JW Cole we recognize that independent Advisors are looking for a true relationship and partnership with their Broker/Dealer and RIA. As their primary business partner, we make it our mission to get to know who our Advisors are and what is important to them.

Every day we strive to provide the same level of service to our Advisors that they provide to their clients. We know that this is why more and more Advisors are choosing JW Cole Financial as their home.

“At J.W. Cole, we strive to make our business relevant to our Advisors and want our Advisors to know they’re important to us”

- John Carlson
Founding Principal


John Carlson

Guiding Principles

J.W. Cole’s existence is solely dependent on its partner advisors.
When they succeed, we succeed.

Our mission is to help our partners build great businesses.

We celebrate Independence, Partnership, and Relationships:

Exit Planning


J.W. Cole is a privately-held business, just like your practice… At J.W. Cole, Independence means helping you build your business your way.



Our partnering Advisors are our friends. We place a premium on frequent and honest communications with our Advisor partners.

Professional Alliance


Our home office staff understands that our existence is solely dependent on our partnering Advisors. Everything we do revolves around helping our Advisors become more successful.


John Carlson - Founding Principal

"At J.W. Cole we strive to make our business relevant
to our Advisors and want our Advisor to know
they’re relevant to us."

Craig Towle - Partner

“We firmly believe our vested interest in our Advisor’s
businesses will free them up to invest more time
in their client relationships.”