Transition Process

Getting Started - Transition Support

J.W. Cole has been able to successfully transition hundreds of Investment Professionals to our organization. With this knowledge, we have been able to master processes and efficiencies that allow Advisors to move their business quickly, because we understand how crucial it is for you to be up and running with no delays.

Our Transition Commitment

  • Senior Management will act as your main liaison before you begin & for the first 90 days after your affiliation.
  • Licensing Assistance will move your license to coincide as closely as possible with your account transfers.
  • Timely Review & Pre-approval of your business cards, stationery, client letters, and marketing materials.
  • Introductory Conference Calls with the appropriate J.W. Cole departments to provide you with information regarding J.W. Cole forms, policies, technology and procedures.
  • Comprehensive Start-up Materials and Technology for processing business through J.W. Cole.
  • Personalized Training to get yourself and staff acclimated to all J.W. Cole procedures and resources.

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Week 1

  • Complete J.W. Cole Pre-Hire Authorization Form
  • Sign J.W. Cole Representative Offer Agreement
  • Conduct initial call with J.W. Cole Transition Specialist
  • Select target date for registration
  • Submit business card, letterhead, website, seminars, or brochures for pre-approval
  • Submit customer announcement letter for compliance pre-approval (Samples available)
    • Review current contract / firms policy:
    • Future Commissions

Week 2


  • Begin initial staff training with Transition Specialist
  • Complete reappointment paperwork for insurance companies
  • Submit completed licensing paperwork and review for accuracy
  • Review updated U4 via WebCRD link



Week 3

  • Confirm business card and stationary are approved and ready for print
  • Review all licensing requirements, new representative kit, reappointment paperwork, product company notices, and advertising
  • Complete staff training with Transition Specialist
  • Prepare office for everyday compliance maintenance
  • Initial Call with J.W. Cole Advisor Solutions Department, learning about Communications, Technology Solutions, Product Availability, and Practice Management Support

Resignation/Affiliation Day


  • Fax Resignation Letter to exiting Broker/Dealer & JW Cole Home Office
  • J.W. Cole will submit U4 to FINRA
  • If no “yes” answers on U-4 application, securities registration will typically be transferred within 24-48 hours
  • J.W. Cole will send confirmation notification once “approved” in WebCRD



Once Notified of Securities
Registration Approval

  • Commence customer correspondence regarding your transition
  • J.W. Cole will submit license reappointment forms and notifications to product companies
  • J.W. Cole will provide Rep Code, Branch Code, and technology Log-ins & Passwords
  • J.W. Cole will mail out Office Compliance Kit
  • J.W. Cole will email Errors & Omissions Certificate of Insurance

Enjoy the rest of your professional career with your new J.W. Cole family!